Join Us on St. Patricks Day,
Thursday, March 17th!

We are Offering an Irish Breakfast from 9 am to Noon & Other Festivities Throughout the Day

Emmett's Public House is a traditional Irish pub right next to Dixie's on Grand, in St. Paul, Minnesota.  This restaurant and bar is a great place to have a pint with your friends, enjoy an amazing meal with a date or gather after big family events to keep the stories going.  If you like Whiskey or Irish and local beers, the options are plentiful. If you are a foodie, our fresh menu with an Irish flare will be yummy regardless of your heritage. We have created a delightful menu with delicious spins on Irish classics. 


EMMETT'S Public House
695 Grand Ave. 651-225-8248

Bar & Kitchen Open at 4pm. Kitchen closes at 9pm
Monday & Tuesday:
Bar & Kitchen Open at 11:00am. Kitchen closes at 9pm
Wednesday & Thursday:  
Bar & Kitchen Open at 11:00am . Kitchen closes at 10pm
Friday & Saturday :
Bar & Kitchen Open at 11:00am . Kitchen closes at 11pm



Also on 695 Grand Ave.

DIXIE's: Dixie's offers the best in southern comfort food and casual dining in a warm and friendly atmosphere.  Come for the food, stay for the hospitality!

Saji Ya: Where festive meets intimate, and where local ingredients and selectively imported Japanese ingredients are show-cased through the passion of our Chefs. Our goal to serve you tasty dishes that are pleasing to the eye and to make you feel at ease
with service that is always friendly.